How to make perfume last longer

8 tips to make perfume last longer

Surely this happens to you often: Every time you put on your favourite perfume, you’re counting down the short hours until that gorgeous scent disappears. With the tips we’re about to show you, you’ll be able to keep that scent on your skin for up to 10 hours. You’ll want to hear this!

1. Choose the right places
Experts always advise applying perfume on parts of the body where you can feel your pulse, so areas with a higher temperature: Behind the ears, on the wrists or on the collarbone. Why? Blood pressure runs closer to the skin’s surface in these areas, which is what creates a constant release of your perfume!

2. Put perfume on your brush
The first tip isn’t the only way, so try this out – spray a bit of perfume on your hair. The best way to do this is by using a brush, your hair will be the best diffusor for your favourite scent!

3. Wait for the perfect moment
Your skin will absorb the scent more than ever right after a shower. When your skin is perfectly clean and damp, the smell will soak in for much longer and with a higher intensity, try it!

4. Look after your perfume
If you’re one of those people who keeps perfume in the bathroom, it’s time to find it a new place! Humidity that gathers around it reduces the longevity of your perfume, so we recommend keeping it somewhere cool, dry and dark, preferably in its original box.

5. Don’t waste it, only use a small amount
Don’t put on too much perfume, it will bother you and people around you, as well as using more than you need to. It’s best to put on a small amount in the right places, as we’ve explained, you won’t regret it!

6. Rubbing perfume is banned!
This “technique” is very common, with people tending to think it will make the smell last longer. The best thing to do is allow the perfume to soak in by itself, otherwise all you will do is wear away the fragrance.

7. Cream and Vaseline: Your best friends
These two products will make the perfume adhere much better to your skin, making it last hours and hours. Remember, both the cream and Vaseline must be fragrance-free – you don’t want the two scents to mix and spoil your favourite perfume.

8. Careful with clothing
Although it’s quite a popular thing to do, you really have to be careful: Some fragrances contain ingredients that could mark or damage your clothes. A great trick is to add a couple of drops to your iron and when you run the iron over your clothes you’ll see the difference it makes!

Take this advice and your perfume will be your best friend, everyone will want to know how you’ve done it!